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Don't Let Your Seafood Cravings Go Unaddressed

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If you want seafood for dinner tonight, you might as well go with fresh seafood. You'll find tasty seafood options at Fishermen's Net.

Fishermen's Net has been around for more than a decade, but it has been revamped under new ownership. Our owner is passionate about providing fresh seafood in Gray, ME and beyond. Enjoy lobster, clams, mussels or fish with the perfect wine or beer pairing today.

Visit us now to find out why we're a top choice for seafood in the area.

3 things you can do at Fishermen's Net

3 things you can do at Fishermen's Net

We're more than just a seafood restaurant. At Fishermen's Net, you can:

  1. Shipping options available to deliver seafood to your establishment.
  2. Grab a delicious meal to enjoy at home.
  3. Stock up on groceries to create side dishes for your takeout meal.

Our dining area includes indoor sit-down along with some outdoor seating. Get in touch with us now for more details about our shipping seafood services.

We'll complete your special seafood request

Do you need us to cook your lobster order? No problem. Do you want steamed lobster for dinner tonight? Just call ahead, and we'll do it for free. We can complete almost any special request. All you have to do is ask.

Call us right away at 207-657-3474 to discuss your needs with our associates.